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Please do NOT apply to adopt unless you are ready

to take one of our rescues straight away. 

Please note that we do not home outdoor cats or kittens to residences located on main roads or less than 200m from a B road.

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Adopting a cat from a Rescue is one of the best things you can do. You’re not just giving a deserving cat a new home, you’re also reducing the demand for kitten mills and other industrial-scale breeding operations that put

profit before animal welfare.

The very first step in applying to adopt from Harrogate Cat Rescue, is to fill out our adoption form (link below).

The second step is receiving a call from one of our volunteers for a Home Check.

Adoption will not take place without the completion of the above 2 steps.

Finding foster space is challenging, and once a cat or kitten is ready for rehoming we are naturally

keen to free up the space in order to help more cats and kittens in need. 

We therefore ask that you only apply to adopt/rehome one of our cats or kittens if you are in a

position to take them immediately, subject to a home check.

The Adoption Fee for a Cat is £90

The cost of adoption for adult cats includes a thorough vet check, neutering,

vaccinations, microchipping and an up-to-date flea/worm treatment. 


The Adoption Fee for a Kitten is £120 

The cost of adoption for kittens includes a thorough vet check, neutering, vaccinations,

microchipping and an up-to-date flea/worm treatment.  Kittens are neutered from 4 months or 2kgs

and the cost of this procedure at our nominated vets is included in the adoption fee.

At adoption, the cat or kitten may have only had 1 of the required 2 vaccinations, but the

cost for the second visit to our nominated vets is included.  The second vaccination must take place

no more than 3 weeks after the first vaccination, and it is the adopter's responsibility for any

costs arising where this does not take place.

Once your adoption form has been completed, and depending on if we have a suitable cat or

kitten/s available at that time, we will call you as soon as possible for a Home Check. 

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to take our call, but please be aware

that we often have waiting lists for cats or kittens with specific characteristics or needs,

and those we speak to first will take priority.

Please Note: 

Many of the adult cats and kittens are traumatised when they come into rescue. 
Even a cat that has come from a domestic setting will be bewildered at first. 
A lot have suffered abuse or neglect or have been living outside. 

Our fosterers experience all these things initially, and we give our cats the time

and space they need to decompress and adapt so that they are ready to be homed.


When cats and kittens go to their new homes - some cats and kittens may hide,

they may not eat or use the litter tray for a few days and all this is normal. 

When adopting, please consider the 3 Step Rule, as illustrated below:

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