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Found a cat?

Most cats, by nature are inclined to roam the area surrounding their home. You could come across a 'stray' cat on your travels, but it can be tricky to know whether it is actually a stray cat, or is in fact an owned cat out having an adventure! So what should you do if you've found a cat?

1. Check for a microchip. If you can, take the cat to your nearest vet so they can scan the cat to check for its registered owner. If you can't and you are local to Harrogate Cat Rescue, we can come and scan the cat.

2. Fasten a paper collar about 1cm wide around the cat's neck with a message saying 'Please call me if this is your cat', along with your telephone number. This way you could find out if the cat has an owner locally.

3. Put images of the cat on Facebook and local community groups saying where you have found the cat, social media can be very effective in helping cats find their way home.

4. Contact local vets and rescue centres as owners will often call them to let them know their cat is missing.

5. Put up posters locally with images of the cat, where it was found and your phone number.

6. If you are sure it is a stray cat, please contact the Rescue for advice BEFORE taking any action.

If none of these steps help find the owners and you cannot take care of the cat yourself,  please contact us for advice on what to do next. 

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