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There are no unwanted cats, just unfound families...


Becoming a fosterer for the cats and kittens that come into rescue, is one of the most 

rewarding and uplifting things you can do.

There is a sense of achievement that comes every time a frightened, bewildered and

anxious cat or kitten comes into your care, when you see them find their forever home as a

confident, happy and healthy cat knowing you have made that happen!

It might be hard to let them go sometimes, but there will be plenty more that

need your help and thanks to you, they will have a better life.

If you'd like to explore fostering these are some things you would need to consider:


  • do you have a safe, quiet space separate from other animals where the cats/kittens can be kept initially?

  • how much time each day will someone be at home?

  • will you have time to play with the cats/kittens to ensure an enriched environment?

  • are you able to take cats/kittens to routine vet appointments, i.e., do you have the means and the time for this?

  • are all members of your household on board with fostering cats/kittens? 

  • do they have experience with cats / kittens?

From time to time cats or kittens with health conditions or special needs come into the Rescue, and they may not be suitable for rehoming.  In such instances we look for long-term foster placements, where the Rescue continues to fund ongoing vet treatment.  This can be the ideal solution for those wanting a cat but reluctant or unable to make the

financial commitment for vet bills.

If you are interested in becoming a Fosterer for the Rescue, please contact us.


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