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Did you know that single kittens are the #1 most returned to Rescues Nationwide?

Obviously, we want to avoid that! For that reason we have a strict Adoption Policy for 

kittens which is aimed at making sure their move to a new home is permanent.

  Kittens Need:

  • Interaction with other kittens for social development.

  • Company. Isolation can delay their emotional and social development.

  • Kittens that remain with a littermate or similarly aged companion are happier, healthier and better socialised.

  • Young kittens need regular feeding, so someone needs to be at home for most of the day whilst they are young.

  For those reasons:

  • Our kittens will not be homed until they are at least 9 weeks old. By this time, they will have had their first vaccination, 

       ​flea and worm treatment and will be microchipped.

  • We only home young kittens in bonded pairs, not on their own.

  • Someone needs to be at home most of the time whilst they are young.

  • Single, young kittens will only be homed if there is a suitable resident cat already at home.

  • It is essential they are neutered at 4 months old - this is included in the adoption fee.

  • Their new home should have safe outside space for when they are older.

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